The Greatest Cowboy

This man is exactly who I was talking about this week.  You can feel the confidence and knowledge this man had, and the pride and pleasure he had for his life. He influenced and helped many.  I don’t think he was ever “a day late and a dollar short.”  I hope you enjoy the video and the music this week.  I was really inspired by it.

~ Curt Pate

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Cowboy

  1. grant desaye

    iv read both of spikes books many times an treasure them a lot my favorit story is his story the christmas story an i raised my childern on that story also so they like me know there was a horse there the night baby jesus was born

  2. Vail Ranch

    I don’t think there is anyone of any age that could not benefit from listening to this man. Everything he says means something and his love for his horse is so evident. I hope everyone can know the relationship between a human and that special horse. Thank you so much for this. I learned a great deal in 11 minutes. What a wonderful man, wish would have known him.

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