Life’s Highway

I was listening to a real lively presentation at the Ratcliff Ranch this week and the presenter asked us if we were a sunrise person or a sunset person.  I am a sunrise person and have always thought this was one of the most positive uplifting songs I have listened too.  Thanks Jeff.

~ Curt Pate

2 thoughts on “Life’s Highway

  1. ann

    My vote is for a sunrise person but Dakota Days are so short this month, I am both. Drop dead gorgeous Moon this week inspired many of us to think about our loved one who are now on the other side of moon. Dakota will ever miss their beloved contractor who said,
    “Beginning & ending are always the same.
    Transportation is the game.

  2. Laure

    Good music! Always have loved Steve Wariner! Kinda a throwback! Which is terrific. What about ‘Life is a Highway’? My favorite version is Chris LeDoux! Don’t really know if I am a sunrise or sunset person. Work forces you to be an early person. Which is really a nice part of the day.

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