Would Jesus wear spurs?

After last weeks subject on “Sex, nutrition, and electric fence” I had better do a flying lead change.

We all have different ways of dealing with things. Religion and the way we deal and express it is an interesting subject to ponder on.

I was not raised going to church regularly. When I was in grade school we had Bible class after school on Wednesday and I really liked that. I remember writing a paper about the meaning of Christmas in the sixth grade about liking being around animals on Christmas because of Jesus being born in the stable. That always stuck with me. On Christmas Day I really feel good taking care of animals and feel good about giving them a little special treatment.

My spiritual leaders lately have been a strange mix. A former woman bull rider, drug salesman, bull salesman, cowboy from Texas, and a welder turned cowboy preacher, and a singer that almost went to jail for shooting a guy.

Because of this I really don’t think I am qualified to tell you how you should act, but I would like to get you to thinking about some things that are important to spend a little time on.

A former woman bull rider turned preacher had a huge impact on me. The first time my family went to her service it was in Madison, Wisconsin at the Midwest Horse Fair. She was riding a real pretty black gelding and was singing a gospel song. She tried to stand up on him and he ended up bucking her off right on her butt. I could tell it hurt, but she never missed a word of the song, got back on and finished a very inspirational church service.

I really looked forward to Crystal Lyons words and displays of inspiration. We went to many of the same horse fairs and we became friends. If you have the opportunity to listen to her it will be a great experience, and I guarantee it won’t be boring.

Ron McDaniel, became a real good friend of mine. We spent a lot of time together and he has fun, is very good at his job, and is very humorous. Ron lives what he believes. He gave me a Bible that is called The Daily Bible. It has reading for every day of the year laid out for you. It is a great way to get the Bible read and understood.

If you have ever seen or heard Kit Pharo, you would know he is very strong in his opinions. He is not shy in speaking his mind about the cattle business or God. His Sabbath Day Devotions always provoke thought.

Todd McCartney is a fellow I have spent a lot of time with. When you travel with someone, away from family and friends and watch the ethics they use conducting business you learn about their integrity. Todd is a very committed Catholic, and I have said it many times that Todd McCartney is one of the most honest religious people I know.

My wife and I spent the winter last year in Hubbard, Texas. It’s a great little community, and I started attending the “Hubbard Cowboy Church.” The service is held in an old barn with a dirt floor and an outdoor privy. The Pastor, Butch Boatright, is as country as it gets, but really knows how to get the message out to us country folk.

As you may know I like good music. Billy Joe Shaver sings a song called “If you don’t love Jesus, you can go to hell.” I read his book and it talked about his feelings on religion.

I really admire people who live there faith. When I started this deal of writing, I said I would keep it positive. I am going to get just a little negative for a bit.

I have had it with people that use religion, church, the cross, the fish, or religious music on their cell phone, and then lie, cheat and steal like a bad outlaw. I have seen and dealt with this so much in the last five years or so and am sick of it. It makes me sad to see how low some people will stoop. Sorry for the bluntness, but is a bad deal. You will have a hard time getting me to do business until I truly know you if you are trying to impress me with a bunch of God symbols.

Don’t just talk about it, live it.

Pretty much everything I do has something to do with animal care and handling. I heard a cowboy preacher one time talking about man’s dominion over animals. His thoughts upset me a little, because he was saying we could do pretty much what we wanted because of our dominion that God gave us.

Well I got to thinking about that. We do have dominion, there’s no doubt about that. But I wonder if maybe we are not judged by how we handle that power. Not only over animals, but all things in our care.

If you have read the Bible, you may recall Jesus was a colt starter. Here is a question for you to think about, and if you would like to share your thoughts please do.

Would Jesus wear spurs, or use a hot shot? I encourage you to really think it over. I have heard lots of interesting thoughts that have come out of this discussion. I am sure we will learn of many opinions from many different points of view.

If Jesus did wear spurs I would be okay with him having a cross or a fish symbol on them.

Curt Pate

10 thoughts on “Would Jesus wear spurs?

  1. saraannon

    My Dad always claimed the best Christians he knew were the ones who had never set foot in a church or touched the bible- They just lived the truth of Jesus’ words.

  2. Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.

    BTW, Curt. Do you happen to know why Jesus was born in a manger?

    Well, it seems that the king had summoned all his subjects to come in and pay their annual tribute. So, all the inns in town were full. In other words, Jesus was born in a stable because Joseph and Mary were there to turn in their Form 1040. And that is a true story (except for the 1040 part, of course.

  3. David Shumpert

    Curt, Since the time of Adam and Eve, we have fallen. Thru time God has rescued us and we have fallen again. King David was but a shepherd boy, raised up by God to defeat Goliath and even become King. Only for David to sin and fall short of God’s Glory once again. Look at the slaves he delivered from Egypt, sent Moses, a man of few words, to lead them out of bondage, only to turn their back on him once again. Because of our sin which is in all of us, Christ had to come and die on the cross for us, all of us. Then and now, why? because we continue to sin. We expect more from Christians…and we should. Since Adam and Eve, who obvioulsy new God, still let him down. Was Jesus a horseman? You bet he was. He created them. He understands them. I’d bet he rode the blessed donkey without a bridle or spurs. I would bet that lil critter knew exactly who was on him and where they were goin…just as we should.
    God Bless,

  4. Lori

    Jesus would have had a hard time wearing spurs with his sandals don’t ya think?
    I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. Brady Gibbons

    I second Lori…Hilarious… I have also seen Curt ride without ever as much as lifting a finger or giving ’em the iron… solely on body position and energy, but afterall, maybe he just learned that from Tammy:) I think this is a lot like Jesus would have ridden!

  6. Carol Cabalka

    Curt, I was with you, Tammy and the kids when Crystal Lyons did that song and got bucked off. She was amazing! Sure miss those times with you all coming to Madison:) Tom and I love reading your blog…it’s like you are right here talking to us:)!

  7. Stefani Lyman

    Hello Brother-in-law! Great article.
    God gave us the ability to choose….that being said, the bit is only as severe as the hand as well as spurs, hot shots, ect. Usually mistreatment of animals is our own lack of knowledge and understanding of the animals that we are dealing with.
    Safe travels to you.

  8. Ron McDaniel

    I’m always humbled to be mentioned in one of your blogs. You post a lot of thought provoking ideas which is a courageous thing to do in todays world. I’m quite sure that the times we use our spurs in frustration or in a manner that asks more than the horse is ready to do because of our own poor horsemanship it can’t be pleasing to the Master.
    Thanks again for causing us to think about what we do and why we’re here.
    Your friend,
    Ron McDaniel

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