Team Work

I’ve wanted to get to driving my draft cross horses, Big and Little Big sometimes called Midnight and After Midnight.  I drove them quite a bit around here but never hooked them up. 

They ended up in Oklahoma and I took em over to the Tribe in Arkansas and then was headed home with them in my big van trailer.  It was really hot and I was worried about hauling them so I left them in Stockton Missouri with Riley Olson and crew.

They hooked em up and drove them some and did a great job with them.  Because they were good saddle horses it was pretty easy for them. 

They might be some of the most versatile horses around.  They have been evented on and can really jump. They also were on fox hunts, been to brandings and had a lot of young bucking bulls roped on them, so pulling a wagon was pretty easy.

These horses have been a great source of pleasure and accomplishments for our family. They are great horses.

Here’s some videos of our first feeding at our Ryegate place.

4 thoughts on “Team Work

  1. Ann Captain

    Looks like things went real well for you. Reminds me of how things used to be. Thanks for sharing. 

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  2. Debra

    Hey There, Mr. Cinnamon Gum🤪. Think of you often Hoping that Mrs.Pate is still Healthy and Well 🤗🤗🥰. Of Course I always remember your Birthday 4–8-????🤪🤪🤪🤪Blessings My Fellow Human/Airport Person.Your a very Special Person in more ways than most people See/Know.

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