El Conejo series-round pen horseback work

This is it for a while as I am off to “Art of Cowgirl” for one of my other real enjoyable times selling the horse sale and other auction duty’s at the big event for my wife and daughter.

The old saying “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” is a good one but I think  “getting inside the mind of a horse makes the outside of the man”.

There is so much pleasure to working with a horse instead of just making it happen.  The thinking, reacting and self discipline required to do this carries into other parts of a persons life and this is why it is so important and a huge part of working with animals.

I really hope this series has helped you to “think” and try some different approaches to not take the life out of a horse, but help the horse to be what they can be to fit you and the horses quality of life.

I’ve sure enjoyed sharing this nice horse with you and can’t wait to see how good he can be.