Feedlot series-working Danials box/alley with Silencer chute

This is the last of the feedlot series we shot At Darr feeders.  This is the processing barn at the south lot and it really works nice if you work it right. 

I’m not one to try to change design much at a facility, but to concentrate on animal behavior and proper stockmanship. I enjoy working a well designed tub or box.

I enjoy the crew at the south lot. They are good stockman, ride good horses and have a great attitude.  Wyatt is a real serious young man that I haves worked with some, and always enjoy his matter of fact point of view on things.

I have worked lots of the Danials box/double alley systems from Canada to Mexico.  It is high quality equipment that almost anyone can get cattle to work through it.  I feel that to get the most efficient use and the lowest jamming and bruising it needs to be managed a little different than a true Bud Box design, as I explain in the video.

I enjoy working in one and really think it’s good quality, just as my friends at Silencer build a great chute that we talk about creating through put by the way the operator releases cattle after processing.

I hope these videos have been helpful. All I am trying to do is share ideas and create thought for you to improve your safety and animal handling skills.