Feedlot Pen Riding

I spent a day at Darr Feeders in Lexington Nebraska filming with Grant Company for the NCBA Stockmanship and stewardship virtual event you can find at “www.stockmanshipandstewardship.org”.

This is some of the footage I have from the pen riding portion.  We were shooting for instruction and not actually doing work in the pens.  It is raw footage that I went over to see what we wanted to use for the virtual event.

The videos I am presenting here are just raw footage that may be helpful if you are interested in seeing and pulling cattle that need some additional care.  They had four cameras going so it’s a little rough as they put it all together once we decided what to use.  It’s also a great look at a very good feedyard.

Im not sure what was going on with this camera, but I can’t find any footage of the steer going out the gate except for drone footage. It was a great steer to show things on, but at least it has my explanation and the it shows later in some drone footage in rapid speed.

This is some real great drone footage. It shows pulling a steer and really shows cattle movement and behavior in the pen. It also shows the working facility’s at Darr from a drones view it’s pretty cool footage in fast time.

Hope this will give you some ideas and some things to think about. We didn’t have a plan or script anything, just shot what presented itself. I always enjoy the challenge of doing things on camera and the crew at Grant Company are always great to work with and create an amazing finished product. These are just small pieces.

Tomorrow we will pull a pen of fresh cattle.

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