Low Tone

Tonight at the WNFR they honored those that passed away in the past year. Some greats have gone to the big arena.

The Bronc  riding has a lot of Canadian contenders in it.  I believe the reason is in part because of two great Bronc riders stepping up a few years ago and helping the young Bronc riders of Canada with the fundamentals that makes great bucking horse riders.

Clayton Hines and Skeeter Thurston stepped up and helped anyone that wanted it.

I’ve known Skeeter for a long time and he has incredible try and the attitude of a cowboy and the skills to back it up. Great family and western lifestyle advocates.

We lost Clayton last summer.

I never new Clayton when he was riding broncs.  I got to know him on his journey of horsemanship.  He was a real thinker and analyst and wanted to be the best he could be.

We talked a lot about Bronc riding and he loved the event and really broke it down and understood the fundamentals and how to teach them. He didn’t talk loud, but he talked deep. And I don’t meen his voice.

He was twice a Canadian champion Bronc rider when there were a lot of great Bronc riders in Canada.

I saw lots of photos of Clayton’s Bronc riding at his place. He really turned his toes out, got way up in the neck, and handled his rein.  

The last time I talked to him he was wishing he had been a better person.  That was Clayton Hines, always wanting to be better.  Everyone I knew that knew him thought the world of him, and he made lots of people feel good and be better in all aspects of life.  I’m pretty sure he had to make lots of improvements along the way, but he became a great Husband, and he and his wonderful wife Susan were a great team.

I really liked him and I really miss him.  I watch these young Bronc riders and when I see where they have their back cinch set, I know Clayton had some influence and is still making a difference.

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  1. Mary Ann Ellison

    Such a nice tribute Curt. I know Clayton and Susan meant so much to you and your family.
    Thank you so much for sharing and for the opportunity to meet these special friends years ago

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