Over 20 years ago I did two colt starting demonstrations a day at Las Vegas Event Center Cowboy Christmas during the WNFR for Purina for several years.

It was great fun to start colts in downtown Las Vegas in front of the rodeo crowd. We met so many people and David Nelson and Darrell Burnett really treated us great and the time there created lots of good memories for our family. We even got to ride on the Binion stagecoach one night at the rodeo.

A funny thing happened one day. I had finished a demo and was visiting with some old cowboys and Mesa was riding our saddle horse “Zorro” and he farted her off in the round pen. She was all upset about it and I told he she was probably the only one to ever get bucked off in downtown Las Vegas for along time.

Fast forward 20 years or so and Mesa had become very involved in the bucking bull world. She was helping shag bulls out of the arena at an ABBI event and got rimfired and her horse bucked her off in front of the whole crowd and all the folks on the live stream. She took it even worse than the first time!

Well we are headed back to Vegas. Mesa is producing a woman’s ranch rodeo championship for The Art of the Cowgirl on December 6th at 1:00 pm and Mesa and I are doing Ranch work demos at 10:00 am each day at Rodeo World Las Vegas at Resorts World. It will all be on Facebook livestream on several places.

Come and see if Mesa gets bucked off or stays on! It’s going to be fun and we will throw lots of ideas out there for you to think about.

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  1. Dionysius


    I hope all is well with the family and business. I have a question for you. I was watching some youtube videos with Trinity Vandenacre ( https://youtu.be/kqYTZk5MqYk) and I remembered when I saw you up in randolph Utah,, we rode off with the locals to that ranch and you pointed out the guys on the atvs pushing the cattle and how that was bad. In the link I posted here, there is a point where they’ve separated some cows that belonged to another rancher while pushing cattle. I am not sure if those were the ones, but he spoke of separating calves and moving them somewhere else. I don’t know if these are the neighbors of the calves. Anyhow at about 27:45, they start to move a bunch to the trailer. Then at about 28:10 they move another five. I am not sure about the first bundle but they seemed to me more relaxed. The second batch, I noticed the woman hit one in the face with the rattler stick and as they were moving towards the truck, they started to defecate.

    Now this reminded me of something you mentioned with the atvs and stress. Do you think the second batch were more nervous because of the contact with the stick? I noticed that one started to release and then the one next to her did the same, as if they sensed the nervousness of the other? Am I correct in thinking this was the issue with the second batch or is that just a normal action when moving them to the semi?

    Thanks for reading. Since meeting you in Randolph, I’ve noticed more black cowboys online. I guess they were everywhere cept Utah. Not a surprise though. hahaha.

    Kelly Vaughn

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