Big drive, little herd, great picture taker!

I lost my videographer last week, but she sent me the first part of a series she put together her last week here.

Olivia did such a great job filming and putting it all together, and was lots of fun, and had lots of try. When she came she was a pescatarian, when she left she had eaten plenty of beef and bacon, and seemed to enjoy it. She learned to rope and roped so much her hand was pretty much one big blister. She worked harder on her horsemanship than anyone else here, except me and I think we tied!

This is the first in a series she put together, and I’ll put the rest on the old scoop as soon as I get them. I think there are some good things shown and explained that should get you to thinking and trying. That’s my goal anyway.

2 thoughts on “Big drive, little herd, great picture taker!

  1. Alan Fre

    This is great Curt. It’s like I’m sitting on your horse with you, listening to those words of wisdom. I love the the idea of the checkers and chess moves.

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