Horseback Value Added

My son Rial pointed out to the folks at the Tribe Cattle Co that I would try do anything not to use a side by side or four wheeler after we had used a saddle horse to take down and put up a new grazing paddock.  I had never thought of it before but it’s true.

The reason is that I always have horses that need to be Improved.  The way to do that is to use them in a way that gets them better.

Lots of people don’t see the value in it, but if you plan things and set things up, you can get lots of things done at the same time and really increase the value of time spent and the quality of your job satisfaction, if you enjoy being horseback.

The advantage of being on a small place is you can ride lots of horses.  If you are in big country, you have to be careful to ride a horse with lots of bottom to them or you’ll ride the fire or try out of them.  You’ll make some awful good horses, just not very many of them.  It’s easy to get five or six horses a day ridden on a smaller place and have real work with a purpose rather than going around and around in an arena.  What’s even better is to work in the arena a little bit and then get out and do some real work(doesn’t have to be cow work).

I like to start my morning jingling the horses in from pasture.  It’s the best way to get a horse straight and moving forward with lots of life.  Then I like to finish my day taking the cavvy back out to pasture in the evening.  I start and end my work day the best way I know.

Remember, every time you start an engine and drive a machine it decreases in value.  Every time you saddle a horse and get them handier and safer he increases in value.  The way horses are selling now, they really increase in value!

Here’s a few YouTube videos that show some of the things I like to do horseback.

2 thoughts on “Horseback Value Added

  1. Mac Scott

    I’ve cowboyed and managed a ranch for 30+ years now. Did most everything horseback. I found that I could add value to a horse but not to a 4 wheeler. Looking back, I think the reason I ran cattle was that it was a good reason to mess with horses.

    Take care. Mac

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