As some of you know I have  been helping the folks at the “Tribe Cattle Company “ for the last several months.

They had me come the first time to help them work cows and we got along real good.  The cows were real hard to handle and were pretty dangerous.

I came back and brought some horses to ride and a few months later I’ve been here pretty much full time and we have all made a lot of progress. Every one has a horse to ride, we’ve bought and started four colts, the cows handle great and enjoy humans instead of fearing them, we have a managed grazing system set up, and we are truly a “tribe” sharing work, meals and enjoying this ranch and the lifestyle.

I’ve been sixty years learning and practicing grazing and managing livestock and it seems like it was all for this moment in time.  When I see the folks doing things so good in such a short amount of time it seems like it was all for this moment!

This video shows how good they are and that they get what it takes to accomplish the goals they have set for this operation and lifestyle.  I am so proud to be a part of it.

I titled this scoop loop “It all came tight” not just because of the ropes coming tight with the roping but because the whole process was a tight run ordeal and everyone worked with great pressure in the challenge of the whole process.  The cows, horse and people were better at the end of the day, and that’s how things get great, and that’s where The tribe cattle company is headed.

1 thought on “IT ALL CAME TIGHT!

  1. Todd McCartney

    It’s a beautiful thing when good people find other good people.
    Blessings abound.
    Congratulations Tribe Cattle Co on your first – of many – great brandings.

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