I’ve been getting some real nice work for my dogs at the Tribe Cattle Company.

Young dog “Line” is doing great!

I am trying to get her good at understanding and thinking her way through situations and working on her own but also having her understand where to be with some direction commands. It’s a real balance act and this is a perfect place for her to get in situations and let her work her way out of them with her own mind.

Red and Silver are doing good but they take a lot more discipline.  Spur, Lines mother is starting to work pretty good but can’t take any pressure so I have been leaving her alone when she is right and just putting up with her when she is wrong with just a little discipline.  I sure enjoy trying to get it figured out and having them all working as a team, we’ll sort of a team. They might be a rugby team, but I’d like them to be more like a basketball team!

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  1. Lorne Hindbo

    Always a challenge working with dogs that require a different level of discipline. I guess I’m pretty much a one dog at a time guy. Great to hear from you.

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