I have been at the Tribe Cattle company for the last few weeks helping them with horses and cattle, as well as sharing ideas on how to manage the ranch.  

They are just good people.  Family is everything and the ranch they purchased is giving them all a new look at life and bringing the family closer together, from what I see.

I am really enjoying the work.  Calving cows, riding lots of horses and seeing them progress as stockman is so great.

I am camped at the corrals with my truck and trailer and it is perfect.  There is no electricity so I use my generator every morning to make coffee and charge batteries, and it is so nice to live in.  I am so glad we bought it.

I have my dogs with me and it is a great place for them to be.  Tammy is coming to visit for the first time as she has been busy doing a retreat and Cowgirl stuff. She is going to meet Mesa and Baby Haize tonight and has a Bull bucking tomorrow in Waco.  I’m not sure she will leave the baby to come see me!

Here’s a good video the tribe put together that kind of shows what’s going on at the ranch.  I think you will enjoy it!