The Tribe Cattle Company getting it done!

headed back to Arkansas to Tribe Cattle Company world headquarters again last week.

I took our big horses for them to try and see if they liked them. They did so I left them with them to use until we can find some good horses to buy.

They are doing so good.  It’s so rewarding seeing how much they have improved and how well they are riding and working cattle.

The cow herd was real challenging to handle and they have really improved and are starting to understand pressure and release and working much better.

This time I let them do the work and I just observed and gave some suggestions.  My son Rial fit right in and was a good fit for the crew.

If you are dreaming of getting in the Ranching and horseback world, the “Tribe” should be great inspiration that you can go from no experience to very good in a short time, and get a lot of pleasure out of the journey.

I’m real proud to be a part of it.


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