The Tribe

I have been spending a little time at “Tribe Cattle Company” lately.  The property and cattle were purchased by some folks that had no previous experience in agriculture except for watching the mini series “Lonesome Dove” a gazillion times, and to add a modern touch they are fans of “Yellowstone”.

They are can do, get er done people and they just went to it.  After working cows the first time Robert (Gus) Tankersley decided they needed help.

He got a hold of me and I was just 4 hours away in Oklahoma so I went over for a few days.  We all got along great and these are some good people that are a family(tribe) that all work, play and pray together and are going to really be successful in the operation.

I am glad I get to be a little part of it. They are so fun to be around and in the two times I’ve been there they have taken ahold and made big improvements.

I can’t wait to see where they take this!

1 thought on “The Tribe

  1. Dionysius

    They got lucky, Twice! 1) to have an operation 2) to get you to come over so they wouldn’t had a bad experience, later on.
    Everybody has cowboy fever. Lol

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