A simple solution

I was really having a lot of challenges getting content from GoPro to internet and it wasn’t very good quality I gave up and stopped doing it.

I got to thinking there must be a way to get an iPhone held the same way and sure enough there was.  So I ordered it and here is the first try with it.

I am at a place that is very interesting and I can get some experiences that are hard to find.  The Sunday front porch will explain.

Let me know if you have ideas.

Hope you enjoy it.

1 thought on “A simple solution

  1. Laure D.

    Love this! Love the tour of your rig, and the facilities. Please keep sharing videos and porch chats! Now we can get a look at that rig that did not make it to Lee and Diane’s this summer. It is really nice! Like the couch cat too!

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