Sunday Front Porch number 3, but not really

Well Mr technology did it again.  My chosen subject was quality of life for animals.

I took a picture of me on the front porch pushing the button to start recording and another to stop recording.


I found out I had to leave today rather than tomorrow to be able to visit my grandmother Alice at the rest home.  So before I left I went out on front porch and said my piece, and as soon as I said it I packed up and took off thinking I would publish it when I got somewhere to bed down for the night, which happens to be Pocatello, Idaho.

I guess it was on photo, not video.

So I’ll do the video when I find another porch or somewhere and time to do it.

I’ve just about had enough of this stuff.  Not sure I’m cut out for this techno stuff.

It was really smart stuff I said, just wish I could remember the smart stuff.

Have a good week.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Front Porch number 3, but not really

  1. Bill Dale

    Probably wasn’t the first time that you pushed the wrong button…nor the last. And most likely wasn’t the first time that you had something good to say and no one heard you.
    Kind of the opposite of most of the jabber out there today, where everyone hears it but the words mean nothing.
    Don’t weaken, Amigo. We need to hear you.

  2. Kely

    Don’t give up! Next time, write it down or record voice on your phone. There should be a recorder app on the phone. Then make the video. If you lose it, you can always go back to your audio. Lessons learned, sir. Keep it going.

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