Barn tour

Getting the picture

If you want to really know a person go see how he organizes and keeps the tools of his trade.  You could also ask to borrow some toothpaste and see how the tube is being squeezed.

I had a old fellow that was friends with Tom Dorrance tell me that some folks wanted to have Tom come help them with their horses.  He said Tom wanted to go at feeding time to get the real picture.

I always enjoy looking at peoples tack room and the gear they use.  It’s the real story.

2 thoughts on “Barn tour

  1. April Williams-Ginns

    How very true, and you’re very welcome to come and see my barn and how the horses walk themselves into their own stables for feed times then take themselves back out to the pasture…no halters required. You won’t find any spurs in my tack room either, use a squeeze of the leg to let them know you’re there… Enjoy the ride…

  2. Elisha

    Love the new tack room and the fridge idea as a veterinary supply cabinet. Nice gear too. Was eyeballing the saddles and reatas. The cottonwood floors are cool too, so thoughtful of Tammy. Thanks for sharing as always.

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