Heifers, dogs, tri-tip and roosters from Heaven

I need to follow up on a couple things.  I’m sure lots of you are really worried about the heifer I doctored a while ago and told you I would keep you updated on her.

Well, she is doing fine and on the gain.  I appreciate you concern over my very special little heifer!

Shes the one in the middle

I also wanted to let you know I put things on YouTube but they dont all make it here. The channel is Curt Pate Stockmanship. The other thing is that I don’t ever go on Facebook. So if you want to ask me something or comment on something it needs to be done on the website through email.

The next thing is I made it sound like I was eating in survival mode and some folks thought I was not enjoying my food.  Wrong.  I am real happy in survival mode!

My friend and Californio turned Montanian, Eli Brown was coming to get Shank, the last of the Red/Spur hanging tree pups.  His wife Sierra works off the ranch in a gopher hole for several days at a time so he batches a lot as well.


He was going to come over after shipping Yearlings and spend the night and we were going to have a good visit and he was going to head for the house on Sunday.  I got a tri-tip out to cook in honor of California tradition.

One of the several trucks coming to get cattle broke down and he had to change his schedule so we didn’t get to have the tri-tip.  He came and got shank, and then had to get back.

So I had a great piece of meat that needed cooking and eating.  I’ve never cooked a tri-tip  before.  I’ve watched a lot of them being cooked in California, and I was confident I could get it done right on my Santa Maria style grill.  The only difference was I would be using cottonwood instead of oak.

I’m eating pretty good and surviving just fine

It turned out great and I enjoyed cooking it and especially eating it.  I had the Tom Russel Pandora Channel on my iPad and heard a great California song that I will share with you as well.

So everything is good here at the Pate outfit. If your ever coming through Ryegate, Montana stop in and I’ll cook you some beef.

A live version that is a little different