Siskiyou County Cattlemen

Flying home from a good trip to way up north in California to Yreka and the Siskiyou County Cattlemen.

Had all the components that make for a good demonstration.  Good people in charge of event, a good facility, good sound(very important), good cattle to work and a good horse to ride.

Working afoot

I would mark all of the above on this one.  I love going to California and working with the livestock and Ag producers in the state.  First of all I really appreciate all the great tradition of the “Californio” style of working with livestock and living a very good life enjoying nature’s bounty’s.

Working horseback

Second, with all the different opinions, rules, regulations and agendas they must be very proactive and are way ahead of most places understanding how to get along or when to stand up and fight for things.

Bill Dale, of the California Beef Council and good friend picked me up in Sacramento and we drove for 3 1/2 hours or so north to get to Yreka, stayed overnight, did the event and then headed south to his place in Lincoln California. 

We drove by one my favorite auction markets, Shasta Livestock in Cotton Wood, and I am sad to report the pens are empty and the sales are no more.

Western Video Market is still rolling, and a real funny coincidence is our friends Kevin and Cynthia Devine had invited us to meet them in Bozeman where they were, and I was driving by his office in Cottonwood.

Eight hours is a long time in a car and we talked about a lot of different subjects.  Bikini barrel racers, T-bone steak and Spanish wine, (a Tom Russell song)Buick Rivieras, and dishonest auctioneers and ring men were just a few of the subjects covered. 

The smoke was real thick, Lake Shasta was real low(real low) and traffic was real heavy and fast. The smoke cleared up on Saturday (the traffic didn’t)up north and we could see the beauty of the mountains and valleys of the good but very dry country we were in.

We got to his place and Bills partner Lisa had prepared a wonderful Tri-tip dinner(Tri-tip is the real reason I love to go to California), and we got the nice surprise of my favorite niece(Bills Daughter) being there.  After supper they worked dogs and I learned a lot and very much enjoyed the whole evening.

I am so glad I got to go and do some other things for the last couple of years.  The experiences were great.  However, after a great weekend like I just had I know I’m right back in the middle of the best people in the world and have the best job in the world!!!

This is the song we were talking about.  The reason it came up is we drove by the Lassen Steakhouse, and we had eaten at several years ago.  It was a real tradition California Ranch country steakhouse, and when I listen to this song, the Lassen bar/steakhouse in my mind is that one.  I’m sad to say it didn’t survive COVID.  Any way I like T-bone steak and good memories of places I’ve been.

This coming week, August 26 and 27 the Stockmanship and Stewardship tour is going to be in Durango, Colorado.

Check it out at “” for the program info and schedule.

2 thoughts on “Siskiyou County Cattlemen

  1. Kevin Devine

    I see irony in a lot of things, especially lately, but us being in Montana and you passing through Cottonwood might take the cake. Thanks for the mention and we look forward to a rendezvous soon. Safe travels.

  2. Bill Dale

    You remind me of Tom Russell; you both have more depth than people might catch at first glance and I’ve found that you both are worth listening to.
    Siempre un placer, mi amigo.

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