A couple of videos from the week

Line and Shank having a good morning

These pups are registered Hanging Trees. They are out of Charlie Trayer’s dogs that we have “Red” and “Spur”.

I would like to get Shank a good place where he will get to work. I think he is going to be a real good dog. I think everyone that has gotten these pups really like them.

This next one was a mistake. For some reason I keep getting out of sinc with my camera when it’s on my hat. I had just done a big talk on riding in the two rein and taking Jaxson to the bridle. The camera was off for it, but then I recorded going back to the barn after placing cattle on grass and jingling horses.

I think there are some things that might be helpful to see. When I head back to barn and it’s no pressure I drop my macate rein and ride strait up in the bridle. I’m not sure Jaxson will ever be safe to ride in the bridle alone, as he will still want to sell out and run off once in awhile. That’s why the top blanket I use says “Race Ready” a pad purina gave me a long time ago. My idea of a little humor.

There is sometimes more to gain by just watching someone do things that might get you to thinking why it’s done that way than by someone telling you how you should do something.