Yesterday I had a steer that needed doctoring. I thought it would be a good thing to film so I put my GoPro on the hat harness I use, got meds put together, saddled Jaxson, got my dogs and headed to pasture.

The dogs brought the cattle to me and held them just right so I got a nice shot and was able to catch and dally without even moving my horse. I had a little trouble laying him down but not much. I tied off to Jaxson and got the heifer doctored real nice.

Everything went real good and I was looking forward to sharing it with you. The problem is I put the camera on backwards and got a very nice shot of my hat. The sound was there, but that would be a little boring as I didn’t even cuss. Maybe another time for a doctoring video.

This morning I just put it on and didn’t have anything in mind. This is what shaped up. Hopefully it will get you to thinking about the drive and the draw of an eye and how important it is to understand that driving animals is so much more than just getting behind and making noise.

Horses are a lot easier than cattle to read because of the long neck and the ear position. Hope they help.