All Day I Face the Baron Waste?

Good husbandry is part of being a good stockman

Fresh clean water.  Nothing better.  We are so fortunate to have the best tasting sweetest water I’ve ever drank in our little cabin home.  I love it and drink a lot of it and feel real good and healthy when I am home.

Our livestock need good clean water that is easy to access, and is close enough to the main herd so they feel safe and get plenty before they need to get go back to the herd and end up dehydrated.  This is an important part of animal husbandry to understand and monitor.

I only have one tank in my corral and it services three pens and there is not much volume or space, but it has good flow.  I really have to make sure my livestock are getting their hydration need met.

I try to clean it every week.  I also have some other water spots on the place, the main one being the Musselshell  River, and I like to take cattle to it and let them get a good drink.  I have observed cattle like to have a big first drink, then after they do what they do in the gut, they come back and drink again.  If you are trying to get cattle to stay somewhere and be content, this is important to understand.

Tank after one week
Tools to clean
Clean enough to get a drink out of
In warm season I let water run to create mud hole to soften my horses feet up.

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