Going virtual

Chase DeCoite and the Beef Quality Assurance team have stepped up the Stockmanship and Stewardship program to a new level.

Ron Gill, Dean Fish and I are a part of the program, and my daughter Mesa joined in to help. We spent a couple of days filming some real working situations that are not possible to get in a arena demo. We filmed it at Ron’s ranch in Decatur, Texas.

We did a real fun thing that I’m exited to see how it turned out, what we called the fire side chat.

It’s now in the hands of the production crew to see what they come up with to show gathering, sorting, loading, processing, horsemanship for stockmanship, and loading bulls in the open.

I’m exited to be a part of the event and I think you would benefit from watching it.

We will be participating in the live video feed on the days of the event. It’s combining the most modern technologies with one of the oldest skills that we like to call stockmanship and stewardship.

You can sign up to join in on this link.

We all hope to get back to more live demos soon, and feel both are good teaching tools.