Starting Colts at 63

I got a couple of filly’s that were not started from my friends at Agape Boys Ranch, and there was a four or five year old that came with the horse herd at the 63 ranch.

We decided to get them started and my Friends from North Carolina, Kyle and Elizabeth Swicegood we’re visiting and T Kyle put this video together.

I sure enjoy riding colts and they are all still doing good and getting better each day.

3 thoughts on “Starting Colts at 63

  1. Kevin Devine

    When I read the title I thought, “Gee, that’s a little old to be starting colts.” 🙈😁

  2. Elisha

    Real nice video, Curt you have such an easy going way about you that is so good for the colts. Inspires me to be better for my horses. Thanks for sharing.

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