Flying home from Denver where I presented a couple of horse demonstrations at the Western and English Sales Association (WESA) Denver Market.  I had presented there many years ago and it was fun to go back and see lots of old friends in the industry and meet some new.

I am wearing the same style Wrangler jeans and white shirt and a vest and a neck scarf that I was 15 years ago.  I can’t remember if I was wearing a Greeley hat then, but I sure am now.  I would imagine I’ll be wearin the same style 15 years from now Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise!

I flew in Saturday afternoon and met my good young friend Nate Bowers at the National Western Ranch rodeo.  Had a great time visiting with Nate and his friends and the ranch rodeo was ok.  It would have been much better if they would have had bronc riding.  I’m not sure you should be allowed to call anything a rodeo that doesn’t have bucking horses, it’s kind of like fake meat.

I haven’t been on a work trip for quite a while, but had booked this a year ago.  I got an upgrade on my rental car and got a Chevy Camaro, (nobody I new even saw me drive it, but I sure was cool),had a suite motel room and got upgraded to first class on my flight so it was good traveling weather.

Nate brought me a horse in to use for my demos.  It was a 30 foot round pen with rubber mats and shavings so there was not a lot to do.  The horse was really nice and made for a good demo.

When it was all done Nate couldn’t stand it.  He got on his horse and rode through part of the trade show!  No one got upset that I saw and I think he got a picture with Dale Brisby   When he got back he said if he hadn’t done it he would have regretted it the rest of his life.  That’s a good way to “live” life.


I met Nate many years ago in Madison, Wisconsin at the Midwest horse fair.  He was driving six bicycles in front of a golf cart at full speed.  He was a real character then and hasn’t changed much.

I got to be good friends with his Dad Steve and liked and respected him as much as anyone I have met in the horse world.  He passed away unexpectedly and I really miss him and his calm way.

Nate is married now and his wife Amy is a real good horsewoman and has  beautiful posture on a horse.  Nate is making a go of it and is quite the businessman.

I really have had a horse resurgence this past year. After so many years focusing on the beef side of things it’s been fun having all the horses at the 63 ranch to deal with, and seeing lots of old friends in Denver bought back lots of good horse fair and colt starting demo memories.

I’ll get to share some more coming up in a couple weeks.  The second  annual Tammy Pates “Art of the Cowgirl” is happening and I get to auction art and horses(without pay of course).  There is some great gear and art and some real nice horses so I am looking forward to working with Daughter Mesa and friends Gord Collier and Dean Fish to get em sold to the highest bidder.

I am really looking forward to a colt starting demo that Son Rial and I will be doing with Wife Tammy helping us horseback in the ring.  Rial and I have lots of fun starting colts together and don’t really worry bout things getting a little western, so I would be surprised if the crowd won’t see a little Pate family drama  and Tammy leaving the pen and commenting from the outside!  It should be fun, entertaining and I hope good for the colts and those watching.

Yep, I sure do like horses, horse people and the lifestyle it has created for us. When you add cattle and dogs and good friends, life don’t get no better than that.

4 thoughts on “Nate

  1. Nancy Young

    Enjoy your writings very much. Good luck to you and family with Art of The Cowgirl and colt starting. Don’t let Rial push your buttons!

  2. Teresa Cutler

    Hi Curt, I rode with you many years ago in clinics around Madison, Wisconsin and often saw you at the Midwest Horse Fair. I finally made the move from Wisconsin to Montana which had been tugging at my heart strings. I am so glad to have found you again and your inspirational posts. God Bless to you and your family. Teresa (was Marshall when I rode with you) Cutler.

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