Many years ago I was long trotting in real tall grass.  Some cattle I was taking care of had gotten into a pasture they were not supposed to be in (CRP for those of you that know that program)and I was going to them.

All of a sudden my horses front end disappeared.  I kicked out of my stirrups, lifted my reins and leaned back.  As my horse continued to “endo”, my position in my saddle sent me forward and I lit on my feet out of my horses way and holding my rein.

My horse had stuck both front feet in a badger hole and went over.  He wasn’t hurt and either was I.  I just stepped back on and went and got my cattle.  This was back in the day of no cell phones.  We were on a pretty big place and no one knew where I was, and if I had been hurt they would of had a hard time finding me.

A fellow by the name of Greg Elio had told me several months before how you should react if your horse endos.  He said you needed to prepare for it in your mind so when it happened you would react as you have no time to decide what to do.

I had prepared myself mentally and had the physical ability to do it.  When it happened it was just like time slowed down and I was aware of everything that was happening and did the right thing instead of panicking and not following my plan of action.

Fast forward fifteen years or so and I was in a whole different world.  I was still horseback, but instead of big country with cattle, horses and dogs I was surrounded by asphalt and concrete and lots of interesting people.  I was in North Carolina and really enjoyed visiting with a real successful guy that liked the cowboy world.  Gary had lost a son in a car accident not to long before.  He told me that something in the future would completely change my life, and I should prepare myself for it.

Well, that change has come.  Beautiful wife Tammy has some health challenges.  We were trotting along in the perfect tall grass in life and all of a sudden we hit a badger hole.

We never dreamed this would happen to “us”.  It hit us hard but without really knowing it we were prepared.  We have been married for more than thirty years and it seemed through all the ups and downs we were in a perfect married state of mind to ride through the wreck together.

We have both been very concerned about our health and have tried to take care of our body’s in a way that we could enjoy our lifestyle as long as possible.

Tammy is very strong mentally and physically.

We have really tried to not have debt on things that don’t add to our future financial security.  We are not rich, but we don’t have to worry about making payments.  If we had a lot of em it would really make our life much more stressful right now.

We both have strong faith.  We go about it a little different ways from ourselves and other people, but we believe.

We hardly ever follow the crowd.  We try to do things that we feel best fit us.  Tammy will not do things because everyone else is or someone says we should.

She figure things out and does it her own way.  Doctors beware!

Tammy has a way of making people feel good.  I have seen her lifting folks up and making them feel good about life for the last thirty years.  From Peruvian sheep herders missing their families to wealthy folks that have everything, Tammy has a special way of bringing folks to a better place in their life.

She has created such a strong support base for us. You can’t believe how many people are praying for her.  I’ve seen grown men cry when they found out, and people offering whatever they have to help us.  You can’t imagine how good and confident this makes us feel.

As I look back we have always been in a long trot, sometimes at a lope, and have been on a dead runaway at times.  We’ve covered more country than we could have ever imagined, stumbled a few times but have never stepped into a badger hole.

Because we are prepared we can lean back and ride through the wreck and we believe we will come out the other side on our feet with our reins in our hands.



To tell a little more of the story cancer is the badger hole.  Tammy has been researching lots of ways to go about this.  From her research she feels the best chance at the quality of life is not conventional way of chemotherapy, as the doctors have told us that with this cancer there is no cure, you just slow it down.

The interesting thing is that the animal pharmaceutical company’s that have provided much of our living for so many years seem to have the cure for her .

Fenbendazole  (animal wormer)seems to be working with great success at curing and stopping cancer.

We are so thankful for the great care she has gotten from modern medicine,

and I believe everyone is doing the best they can, but sometimes you have to step up and go for it, and I’m so proud of and in awe of Tammy’s ability to go through this with so much courage and try.

21 thoughts on “BADGER HOLES

  1. Tom Caesar

    Curt and Tammy… I don’t have the words… Thank you for sharing and know we are all with you and your family.

  2. Chris Childress

    Prayers to you and the family, especially for your wife. Cancer has affected out family as well, fortunately we were prepared for that badger hole as well. Gods blessing to you all.

  3. nodakbadlands

    Our sincere and heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family.
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
    John and Nikki Brown

  4. Laure

    She will be in my prayers. She has lifted me up at a yoga and horsemanship clinic at the Sackett’s some years ago.

  5. Susan Wolff

    I am so incredibly sorry to hear this news. Too many people I love, are and have faced badger holes (cancer) of one sort or another. I, myself, am coming up on one year since my surgery. Like you two, having confidence, knowledge, and strong faith that all will be well, moved me through the badger hole in a good way. Prayers and hugs are coming for all of you.

    Dr. Susan J. Wolff, CEO/Dean

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  6. Jesse Larios

    Amigo, I weep as I type this. One is as strong as ones partner. She has been so strong with your career. I know you will be as strong or stronger for her. She couldn’t have a better partner behind her. There is no right, no wrong. I pray for patience cause badger holes will test it. Amigo, I am in your corner. I offer what I can to help. Many prayers for strength for your family. Curt, I send you a big hug Amigo.

  7. Ann Captain

    Curt & Tammy

    Like everyone else who reads your post, I was saddened to hear you have to deal with cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    My husband had cancer so I have an idea of what you are going through.

    I know you didn’t ask for it but I have some unsolicited advice for you. Don’t try to do everything yourselves. Sometimes we are proud and maybe a little stubborn, but my husband and I both learned to let people help. Other people need to help in some way because they love you and care about you and feel the need to do something. Allowing them to help you will actually help them.

    Cancer is scary but it can also change your life for the good. You never take things for granted and learn to appreciate all and everyone in your life. That goes for both of you.

    Please let us know if any of us can help in anyway. If there is a fundraiser or anything to help with expenses I would hope you would write and let your online friends know.

    Keep the faith, Ann

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  8. Kevin J Devine

    At one place I worked, the boss would give us a case of beer for a badger nose…and for the exact reason you described in your wreck. I hope and pray Tammy and doctors and whatever other paths she pursues provide her the opportunity to collect that beer. Thinking of you all a bunch and hope to cross trails this summer. Con mucho amor….K

  9. Nancy Young

    Curt and Tammy, Blessings for you and your whole family. My husband and I are climbing out of a badger hole too. Hold on to each other and lean on your family and friends when you need to. We are all here for you.

  10. Robert Dennis

    Prayers for you guys.. this must have been very hard to write.. thank the Lord He has given you a good sense of how to handle this in your life. God is good, all the time. I am slowly reading (my son, who got me the book told me to read it slow) a book called My Other Side, by Clarence J Enzler… it really is helping me with my state of mind in this uncertain time… I think you would like it.

  11. George Kahrl

    My thoughts, admiration, prayers, and peace are with you both. Writing it must have been hard, and freeing all at the same time. You will be, and are in my thoughts often. I was hiking in the Winds this past weekend and past a man on the trail. I asked him how it was going and his reply with a big smile was “another day in church”. You are in my prayers and I carry you as a special part of my life. Blessings, George Kahrl

  12. Viki Dunagan

    I met Tammy several years ago at a horse yoga retreat. I could see and feel her strength and independence. My thought are with you and your family. Viki D

  13. April Williams-Ginns

    Curt I am so sorry to hear this, I do hope Tammy gets the best results she can, sending lots of healing energy….your “sassy” English woman… April

  14. Keith Stewart

    Curt and Tammy we had no idea, just heard today. Funny how things work out we were just talking the other day how we missed you guys and the clinics you put on at our place. Tammy is a fighter and she will win this fight. God bless, we will be praying for you guys.

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