4Suns Ranch

The King of Hearts Ranch that was purchased and I went to work on is now named “4 Suns Ranch” spelled Suns but in honor of the owners four sons.


I think the name is perfect and “fits” the beauty of the country the ranch is in.


I have been horseback a lot.  I feel the best way to learn the land and really see things and learn is from the back of a horse.  You can see out and around as well as down at the grass and the ground.  You go slow enough to see everything and you don’t have be as in tune as with a vehicle, the horse sees the holes and sagebrush, and pick the trail.

The Zupan’s that have the cattle on the place are calving, and I help tag calves when I can.  Weston, one of the Zupan’s 4 Sons (fits the new name)works on a neighbor ranch is who I help tag with and he is real helpful on telling me things about the ranch, hunting and anything I ask, so I think it’s time well spent.  I enjoy working with all the Zupan’s.

It’s been a long time since I have tagged calves and covered lots of country horseback.  I really feel like the knowledge I have accumulated about animal behavior and stockmanship has really helped me set up the catching of these calves in a real positive and safe way.

Most of the calves are pretty young and easy to catch, but a few are a little older and want to go.  Today I had two that I was able to get them to stop and actually come toward me a step or two to get a nice standing shot.

I used the drive, draw and maintain pressure to stop the cow/calf then draw the calf and hook him on and get a nice easy safe shot.  It is so rewarding to use stockmanship skills and get the same satisfaction as a hunter or fisherman, only with stockmanship you are improving life rather than taking it. (So you can take it later)

It’s good sized pastures, lots of trotting and covering some country.  The three horses I am riding are really benefiting from the work and getting much better.

The last couple of days we have had a late spring storm and it’s been cold and snowy.  The ground is slick and it is cold riding but I still think it’s worth it and refuse to do my cattle work on the new side  by side, as my horses eat hay anyway and they only get better when you ride them, and if you find a problem with the machine you probably have to get a horse to solve it anyway.

Two things that I use everyday is my “Greeley” (my cowboy hat) and a saddle.

It’s pretty windy country and it is so good to have a hat that fits good enough to not worry about them blowing of your head.

I wear my older used Greeley’s.  I’ve had them a long time and they are well used but still look “ranchy” and are in good shape and fit good enough to stay on my head.  I don’t leave home without one.


I am going to write a little about my saddles and horses I’ve been riding in the next few weeks.  I think it will provoke some thought and give some insights in saddles and horsemanship.

Son Rial is in Wisconsin with the Sackett’s doing a horse clinic and starting some colts.  In true Rial style I have not heard from him or how it’s going, but I bet he’s making it just fine, and doing good for horses and people.


Wife Tammy is in Oklahoma with Daughter Mesa, who had a horse fall with and broke her ankle.  A word of advice, don’t cowboy outside with sliders on your horse, stay in the arena.

So it’s me and my dogs and horses at the 4Suns Ranch.  The cook is not to good so I’m losing weight, and their is not much else to do so I’m getting lots of work and exploring done, and enjoying the heck out of life.


2 thoughts on “4Suns Ranch

  1. Bill Dale

    Nice work, Curtis. One can feel the joy in your words. Everyone should be able to rise, put their feet on the ground and look forward to what each day will bring. I’m glad that you are there.

  2. Tom Caesar

    Looks like a beautiful ranch to be on. Really looking forward to future post on life on the ranch, saddles and horsemanship. Thank you for sharing with everyone. It’s going to be a great day.

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