This is an article that came out of the NCBAs Cattleman’s Convention in New Orleans earlier this year.  Portia Stewart did a great job capturing what I think our demos are about.



Ron Gill and Myself along with Todd MacCartney and Dean Fish have been presenting demonstrations at National Cattleman’s Beef  Associations national convention trade show for several years at many cities.


I feel it is important to ask why sometimes.  Why do these remain popular after so many years?  These are some of my thoughts of why.

1. Cattlehandling  has been a focus in the industry for many years and it, like it’s companion BQA are becoming something for everyone to try to improve.  The folks that are in attendance at convention have dedicated themselves to learning and progressing  in the industry and cattlehandling is a big part of it.

2. Livestock people like to watch animals and people preform or work.  Horsemanship demonstrations, rodeos, and people going and sitting at the auction market with no intention of buying are all examples of this.

3. The attendees are foot sore, back sore and they are tired of looking and listening to sales pitches and they want a place to sit down



Since I believe in the Stockmanship and Stewardship program and enjoy the time at the Conventions I feel it is very important to ask “How” to keep it going.

  1.  We as a team have to work together to create what is needed to get people in attendance to come sit in the seats and add value to the convention experience.  I feel it is very important   and  always try to Educate, Entertain, and activate people’s Emotions.  (The three E’s)
  2. Present topics in a way that everyone in attendance can get value from while stimulating the desire to want to get home and work some cattle.
  3. Don’t bore people with to much lecturing and non action.  They want to see cattle work!
  4. Do not offend people.  Keep it positive.
  5. Create the desire to see more.


Hopefully I and the team in the Stockmanship and Stewardship program are contributing to the cause of improving quality of life for Humans and Animals as much as both are contributing to ours.




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