King of Heartsof a good cowboy crew

I am at the NCBA National convention this week doing demos at the trade show,then fly to Saskatchewan tomorrow to do a demo, then back home for a few days, then on to the next one, Wife Tammy’s production in Phoenix, Arizona “The Art Of The Cowgirl “.  Check it out on the inter web and come buy a horse or see the show.  It’s going to be great.

I just feel so fortunate to get to saddle a horse and work cattle in front of lots of Cattleman and right in the middle of New Orleans.  Not much different than my day at home, but a little, like 500 people watching.



I just had breakfast with my good friends Todd McCartney and Dean Fish.  We discussed our jobs and how great it is.  It is so good to be part of a good cowboy crew.

Today is a real special day for us.  The King of Hearts ranch is located near Bozeman, Montana and is getting a new owner today.  I have agreed to hire on to manage the ranch for him.

I am so excited to get to really implement the skills I have been working on and apply them to the every day and overall operations of a good ranch operation.

I still get to do some work off the ranch, and we will explore doing some training and schools at the ranch.

So Tammy and I are entering another stage of our great life in agriculture.  I am very serious about profit and sustainability of the ranch and am proud to work for an owner that appreciates the land.

It’s going to change my lifestyle a lot and I will have to make decisions on the limited events I can do in the future.

I have always had the goal of running a place and am glad I get this chance.  I will keep writing and sharing ideas.

Life is great!

4 thoughts on “King of Heartsof a good cowboy crew

  1. Russell J. Beggs DMD

    Congrats!! Sounds like a mtually beneficial opportnity, I’m sure you’ll make the most of it.

  2. Hallie

    Congrats! Beautiful, fantastic, and challenging opportunities ahead. Thanks for all you’ve been doing in the livestock world.

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