Circle In The Sand


Have you ever had one of those days that was real special that you will never forget.  I did last Saturday.

I started the morning having a real nice ride moving some cattle and my pups worked real nice.  Then I had a a drive through some of the most spectacular mountain ranch country you can imagine.  If you ever get the chance to drive from Martinsdale, Montana to Bozeman do it.

I stopped and had a visit with Tim Zupan, of the King of Hearts Ranch, a great high mountain ranch(more on that some other time.)

I went on to Three Forks, Montana to Headwaters Livestock Market where my Son Rial is employed.  The vet was there to bleed and preg check different pens of cows, and it was fun to work with Rial and see how much he enjoyed his job. 

They were some older weaker cows and they were going down in the chute as it was slick, so Rial got a skid steer and dirt and we made it better for the cows.  He’s a good stockman and really cares.  

He worked there when he was being homeschooled several years ago, and seeing him work shows how much he enjoys working livestock and I’m proud he is good at it.

I then headed to The Brogger’s to have an old partner fixed up.  Mark made a saddle for me many years ago, and I bet it’s been more miles, been on a colt for it’s first saddling and roped and layed quite a few cattle down in front of an audience more than lots of saddles that are built.  The sheep skin is good, but the horn and the seat have seen lots of different places.  I don’t make big circles, but there is plenty to do when I’m in the saddle.

I really enjoy visiting with Mark about the cowboy trade, and think a lot of he and Lola.  If you are considering having a saddle made, I highly recommend his saddles.

I headed back to the sale barn to give Rial a ride home.  I have been trying to find a song that was on an CD we used to have from KNON radio in Dallas Texas.  I asked Rial and he knew exactly the song and found it on my IPad.

I always liked the song and have wanted to hear it again for years, but I had the wrong artist in my mind, so I could never find it. 

We got to his house and I got to experience the main reason for my trip, to see our new Grandson.

When I saw that baby it was one of those moments in life when you feel the circle of love.  It was so great to see Rial and Mary Kate as parents.  It took me right back to when Tammy and I had Rial and all the joy and fear we had at the time.  I just couldn’t have imagined how it was going to feel to see the kid.

I’m sure they will get through all the fear and advice they are experiencing.

They have lots of ideas, opinions and good and bad habits like everyone else, and they are getting lots of advice and opinions from Moms and Grandmothers, just like we did with Rial. 

I think it’s a great time to be alive.  Just think of how good the baby’s of today are going to have it.  My hope is that the boy gets the values and love of the land and animals we in agriculture have, and enjoys a much easier and safer life as technology takes us forward.  He needs the balance of the past and the present, and that’s the role I would like to help with.  I can’t wait to see him horseback!

As I was driving home in the dark, I had a lot of time to think of all the good times ahead.  I listened to “Leo and Leona” a few times, and I’m not sure it’s a coincidence that I got reunited with the song on this special day.


This is a great love song and it reminds me of Rial and Mary Kate

Being a grandparent is real special, a circle in the sand.



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  1. Sandra Guerrieri

    Congratulations on your grandson! Burt and I have our 18 month old grandson with us on the ranch for a few weeks, as my daughter, living in Denver, just had a baby girl. What a blessing for us to have 2 grandchildren! I enjoy your writing. Sandy

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