Away in a manger

It’s been a real nice Christmas.  We went to our Son Rials and his best girl Mary Kate’s place Christmas Eve.  Her Mother Kelly fixed some real southern food as in Black Eyed Peas, Corn bread with jalapeños and real good sweet potato something.  It was good eating.

It was a great time and they are going to have a new addition to the family anytime so it was real special.  It was nice spending time in “their” place.

It wasn’t fun driving home.  The roads were terrible part of the way and we had a trailer on, so it made it extra fun.  People driving on black ice seem to want to die, even if it is Christmas Eve.  I can’t imagine anything is worth getting too and taking those chances.

We had a very quiet day here in good old Ryegate.  I have always really enjoyed taking care of animals on Christmas.  When I was in third grade I remember writing a thing about being with animals like Jesus was on this day, and it always has been what I liked.


I had a corriente bull that I got with some mini cows I bought last year and he kept jumping the fence so I hauled him to the sale about nine months ago. Well he gave me some Christmas presents.  I had three new calves when I went out this morning! I had one about a week ago and then three in one night.  Good thing we are having nice weather.



The thing I really enjoy is how all the animals get along around here.  Cats and dogs eating and sleeping together.  We have two young dogs and they were so curious about the calves and the cows didn’t seem to mind much.

I’ve got these two barn cats that rub on my horses legs sometimes when I’m saddling.  At first I was pretty sure they were going to get pawed or kicked but they have got my horses pretty cat broke.


So it was just Wife Tammy and me and all our animals.  For me a real nice way to spend a very special day.

I feel those of us that have animals as a big part of our life have a real opportunity for peace in what we do.  This is why I like stockmanship so much.

I believe Jesus would have been the kind of stockman that took good care of his animals and would have a real nice pressure that would create harmony with the earth, animals, and man.  If that’s true we had a little piece of it here today.  I hope you did too.

Merry Christmas 

7 thoughts on “Away in a manger

    1. Lori Helmer

      Congratulations to Rial and Mary Kate! You will be a great “Grampa” I’m sure. Maybe the Little Britches rodeos can use some mini corriente’s , haha !

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  2. George Kahrl

    Merry Christmas Curt and Tammy, what a lovely post you wrote about Christmas. The part of Jesus being a good stockman with a good feel, I had not thought about that but Im sure it’d be true. The times we have to quietly walk an alleyway, or wander in the pastures with the animals are special and the animals reflect back the sense of gentle appreciation we have for them and the earth. Reading your post was a quiet, warm, chinook passing through. Blessings. Thank you

  3. Ann Captain

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your emails. When I read them, it’s almost like hearing from an old friend. My husband has been following your posts for a long time. He’s gotten me and other family members following as well. He gave me a book of yours to read. I know he’s watched a clinic of yours in the past. We hope to attend one when you get around to the Red Bluff area again. Wishing you and your family a safe and peaceful 2019.

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  4. the south dakota cowgirl

    Merry Christmas! the animals at this outfit all get along well too! Cats, dogs and chickens all share sleeping space on occasion and the chickens and cats have the young horses pretty broke to the craziness that often occurs between those species. We were in Texas seeing my family over Christmas so we weren’t home to do chores Christmas morning, but I sure enjoy doing chores on Christmas morning too!

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