The Quantum Physics Of Stockmanship

I rewatched “ What The Bleep Do We Know” a few days ago.  It really got me to thinking and I was not disappointed in my memory of it.  It goes right back to what we think and how we act creates contentment or unhappiness in our life.  I like the science behind it but also the kind of out there thinking that really gets my brain going.

So how does this have anything to do with stockmanship?  It has everything to do with it.  

I have gotten to see and be a part of so many different types of human/animal interactions.  I’ve seen the strongest toughest guys in the world scared to death of and/or very gentle  when working with animals.  I’ve seen people that were not very tough or strong spur and jerk horses, hot shot the heck out of cattle, and kick a dog.  It has  little to do with a persons physical and lots to do with a persons mental.  The brain and how it has learned to handle fear and stimulation from the interaction with animals.

I don’t know if everything in the movie is scientifically proven fact, but let’s assume that it is.  There are some things that could really make a difference in how you can be successful in your interactions that you want to have with animals.

One experiment they highlight is the study of water by Dr Emoto.  He put different words like “I love you” or “I hate you” on a jar of water and then looked at the crystals in a microscope.  It is amazing what happens to the molecular structure of the water.  Check it out on google.

I believe I recall our animals are about 80% water.  If we are angry or don’t like them it could be changing the way their body and brain works when we interact with them, just the same as in the water experiments.  On the other side if we feel good about them and like interacting in a positive way could we change their molecular structure and have a better immune response?

Maybe the hotshot isn’t bad, but the intent of the person using it.  If the intent was different in the first place, the animal might have not needed the extra prodding.

I hope you will really think about this and study it.  Watch the YouTube videos.

It might be a bunch of bull, but it might not.

Another thing I picked up from the film was how people create the same situations without even realizing it.  Somehow our brain gets stimulus even if it is a negative and we get a satisfaction or stimulation from it even if we could have a better situation.

I’ll give an example of something that a lot of people disagree with me on.  The overbending of the horses neck while riding or preparing them to ride.

The  reason people disagree is we want different outcomes and are riding with different goals.  The first thing is I don’t get a fear response in my brain when a horse bucks or wants to run off.  I feel confident I can ride most anything, and at one time in my life I felt like I could ride anything and proved it.  This is not normal and because of my former experience and physical ability it did not create a fear in my brain.

The other thing is if felt if you let a horse move out and helped him through his fear with proper riding skills and let him think his way out of the fear it would stick and then the human became a positive stimulus in the horses brain as well.  I could get what I wanted and not take the life and try out of my horse.

This is what I like, and makes my brain tell me to work with as many animals as I can because I get such a good feeling of getting along and getting things done.

I didn’t realize that this is not for most people. The reason is because of the fear factor when riding something so powerful as a horse.  That why I don’t fit the horse world very well.  

I have nothing against spurs, and feel some people really need them.  I haven’t wore spurs for a long time.  I feel my horses are very responsive to my feel because I keep the life in them by not bending them, and I keep a real forward attitude with lots of “life” in my mind.

On the other side of the mountain, I ride with a snaffle bit.  Even though I have lots of go in my horses I like the feel and control I get with a snaffle and can really get to the horses mind, then to his body without taking the life out.  THAT REALLY GIVES ME SOME GOOD FEELING IN MY BRAIN.

But that’s me, and I didn’t pay enough attention to what other people were going through with this fear.  When people put a helmet and a safety vest on they are afraid.  They should be.  So they do things to try to be safer.  So they do lots of ground work that takes some of the life out so they feel safe.  Then they get on and have to have a way to feel safe so they bend the horse and disengage the hind end to feel safe.  This takes lots of the forward out of the horse and they feel safer.

That’s  good for the human.  But what about the horse.  Every time he tries he gets shut down or taught to escape through a shoulder.  After a while the horse loses the will to go forward and some of the try is gone.

Well then the rider gets more confidence and wants to go.  Now it’s hard to get the horse to go because we have taken some of the life out, and it’s hard to get him to go where we want because we have thought him to not go strait.

So I was wrong for some people, but not for the horse.

I had a real nice experience last week at a feedyard.  They had a little horse that always bucked when they first got on him and would buck if you put to much pressure on to quick out working cattle.  

I said I would like to ride him.  They brought him into the barn after lunch.  I groomed him with my hand in the tie stall.  I put one arm against him and groomed him with the other hand.  I call this a three point contact. (Thank you to Dr Robert Miller).  I feel this will really help get a horse to let down some of its fear or anxiety.  When he got a little tight I would do what my subconscious would tell me to do to relax him.  I saddled and bridled him the same way.  I then led him out with all the other guys and got off the concrete and out in the dirt with a little more room and stepped to him like I was going to get on.

I noticed several of the guys had their cell phones out so they were expecting a little something.  When I stepped to him to get on he got tight and ready to buck.  I relaxed him with the three point contact and as soon as he was relaxed I led him forward as if I was on him(from out front). I stepped back to him after he walked relaxed and calm.  He was fine with me putting my foot in the stirrup so I stepped half way on.  He got tight again so I relaxed him and as soon as he was not thinking about bucking I stepped down and lead him forward.  I did the same one more time, maybe twice.

He felt good the next time so I just stepped on.  He felt relaxed so I lead him forward by taking his head to the right just a little and leading him forward from his back.  I didn’t use my legs as that would of made him want to buck.  He walked off real nice and I took him in a 20 foot circle to the left and a twenty foot circle to the right and said we we ready to go.  

He was perfect all afternoon and I got lots of work done on him.  The next morning I just saddled him and stepped on and was ready to go.  He didn’t try to buck one time and I really enjoyed riding him.

Now the thing is he could have blown up and bucked me off.  Then everyone would have said I should have done ground work.  

I did do ground work. It fit this horse.  If it didn’t I was willing to suffer the consequences and try to ride him.  I see people that are afraid they will have trouble create a lot more trouble than they had before they started.  This is why it is so important to get a horse that matches your ability.

I feel I can get along real good with horses, dogs and cattle because I can match pressure mentally and physically with them.  The more I’m around animals the more important this becomes to me.  

It really bothers me and I get the wrong brain stimulus when I fight with animals or make them afraid.  It really makes me feel good when I can really get along with animals and they feel content with me.  Same with people.

The animals I am interacting with in my life are really making me feel good.  When We sit in the house in the evening We have three dogs and three cats pretty close by.  The three hoses I am riding are all really working nice and not bothered to much, and I am not fighting with them, just having fun.

It is so great to ride out on these young horses and have a couple young dogs and an old fat one and not be yelling and screaming commands at them and not jerking and spurring on my horse.  The cattle take a little pressure sometimes from the pups, but want to be with me as that’s where the pressure is off.  They need a little exercise anyway.

So I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.  You create your own situations.  You set it up so your animals work well and you work your animals well. YOU CREATE THE STRUCTURE IN THE JAR OF WATER!

Anger and fear(of failure) create negative situations while confidence and knowledge create positive situations.

As we were riding out as a group  at the feedyard that day the fellow they all look up to as a real good hand said the day wasn’t over and the little horse would buck.  We were going along and his three year old did something and he got after him with his spurs and bit pretty aggressive.  I don’t know if the horse did something wrong or something else did something wrong, but the horse got the pressure.  I like the fellow and am sure he gets a lot done, I just wonder if he feels as good as he could, and if the animals that he interacts with could be better, and I wonder if the people that pay him wouldn’t get better value from him if he used a better kind of pressure. (Not necessarily less, but better)

I hope you will watch the movie, or at least think about the pressure you use and honestly analyze if it is the best for you and that you haven’t got into a pattern that is not the best for you or your animals.

On another note.  As I have noted before I have been reading a daily chronological bible all year.  I’m just to the time when Jesus is tried and going to be crucified.  I was thinking Jesus fit right into the thinking of creating the right pressure through parables and examples.  What the bleep and the Bible fit pretty good together-if that’s what you want!

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  1. pdfangus

    You are so correct in the influence we have on the stock by our demeanor. While I learned it pretty early in life about horses…. It took me a long time to learn it about cows…for quite a few years no I have been using the Michigan G6G protocol for AI synchrony….most people don’t like it because it requires quite few trips through the chute for shots. It was developed for dairy where they are in the chute twice daily….I get good synchrony and conceptions from it…Most of my beef friends say I am crazy….the difference is my cows like to go thru the chute….if I leave the pens open it is not unusual to have a cow in the chute banging on the headgate…when I brought them to the barn for synchrony this fall….all of them went thru the pens and lined up in the chute and auto loaded….they had not been to the barn since pregnancy work early last spring…
    my secret….I feed every cow or heifer a cup of feed every time they are in the chute…they like to go thru the chute.

    We had a new vet do the pregnancy work last spring..She uses an electronic device to sex the pregnancy. I had to explain my working habits and told her to just go along and not fuss….she agreed and at the end told me that she was impressed with how well my cows handled in my run of the mill facility…

    now to be fair I do put some emphasis on disposition and can pet most of my cows in the field….my late partner was older and I did not want the cows to endanger him…now I am older and do not want them to endanger me…so it has been a lifetime of work…but changing my habits was the hardest part…I grew up as a hard charger and was a guy who could make a cow do what I needed……I changed my habits quite a few years ago when we flushed out two best pathfinder cows….they had to have injections twice a day for a week or so….I could not envision having to prod my two best cows into the chute twice a day for shots … I tried to find a better way…Afternoon of the second day they were standing at the pen gate ready for their handout….I have been feeding cows in my chute ever since…

  2. Polly

    This was very thoughtful and interesting, Curt.
    Really appreciate your efforts in sharing your ideas, thanks again!

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