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The students do a report on what they learned or observed in the stockmanship days.  I thought these were real good observations.  Liam came from a logging background and had a real fresh and open mind.  He created positive pressure for animals and people.


Low Stress Cattle handling

Liam Dennison

ASUR 1040-3

Sept 27 2018


calm yet direct approach toward cattle
3 types of pressure.  Drive, draw and maintain
Cattle don’t like pressure from behind because they cannot see where you are.
Cattle have two mind states. Reaction and thinking
Cattle only think about one thing at a time
Always have gates with the flow of cattle
When sorting cattle, it is a good idea to have a numbering system to avoid need for communication in loud conditions
Bud box is a effective way to move cattle thru shoots
Hotshots are a effective way to move cattle when you cannot create more forward pressure then they feel backward
A release off pressure can be just as effective as a driving pressure
Being on horse can be an advantage by being able to see above cattle and the cows in front
Pneumonia is a result of an infection that was already present in the cattle
Sub Q needles should be 5/8”-1/4”
A new needle should be used every time it is used to refill from a bottle
Colostrum must be sucked within 12 hours of birth
Multi shot syringe is to be cleaned with hot water only
Vaccines should be spaced 10cm apart or a hand width
Synovex c implant can increase calf crop by 25%
This is a video Herman to and it shows how his horse bobbing its head put too much pressure on the geese and caused them to fly.  Our cattle don’t fly, so I don’t think we see that we are having an effect on the animals fear or aggravation level, but we are.
This is a great example of the effect of just a little change in pressure causing a reaction on one animal and feeding through the whole herd.
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2 thoughts on “More TRU stockmanship

  1. George Kahrl

    The other day I was loading pairs out of a slightly awkward portable panel pen in a corner of a barb wire fence pasture. I felt as if I was on a time line in the day to get all the loads home before dark. It was at least a two hour round trip from the rented pasture to my ranch and back, and the next day we were gathering cattle up high in the mountains to bring them down from some large fires which threatened to come over a ridge into our grazing allotment, so there felt to be no “tomorrow” if I didn’t load and transport the pairs. I do work cattle quieter than most people, and I too am human with my own internal pressures. We loaded the first three loads with pressure, not lots ( no swearing and its not a ram and jam outfit). I was aware of sticks and pressure, but ” it kept them from turning back” as we crowded them into the trailers. I felt my own internal pressure and how it also affected my ability to work positively with my love Cindy who was helping me. I was more directive, less supportive which I really did not like – but we were “getting the job done”.
    We came to the last load about 6:30pm and I knew we could complete the day. The sun was setting, there was a huge fire plume in the distance, but I was much more relaxed on that load. I felt I was with Cindy on that one, and we worked together, more patiently, giving the cattle more time to choose the next move. We waited a few second longer here and there instead of forcing their next turn or step into the trailer. And they loaded much more peacefully. I wondered ” I should have been doing on the first load, what I did on the last one.” It would have added only minutes into the days hauling, maybe/Maybe ten minutes a load probably much less. And, I would have been able to enjoy being present with Cindy and the cattle and the day much more. I have found the pressure we first put on cattle manifests within ourselves, we can feel it. Too, it ripples out across the people we work with, and I know they feel it. When those geese rose to fly away, the moment of being with the geese was changed, the experience of being in wonder, taking a video, watching and being present became a memory. There are times when pressure is helpful, and being the authority with a cow helps create direction, and there are times when waiting just a little longer is really helpful and then we are all able to laugh in joy at out success.

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