People that excel and do very good work have a passion.  The higher the passion the higher chance of becoming good at something, no matter the intelectual level or the athletic ability without passion it is difficult to stay hooked on anything.

My hay supplier is a doctor turned farmer.  The first year I bought hay it was terrible( because of his passion), last year it was excellent quality, and the hay I just bought was excellent (because of his passion).  I don’t think he does it for the money, but he is a hard working, honest guy with passion.

I listen to the Stockmanship website (Bud Williams)as they have a conference call once a month on stockmanship and marketing.  They are very passionate not about only about stockmanship , but specifically Bud Williams style of Stockmanship and marketing.

When folks have passion, it makes total sense to them, and they are willing to do what it takes to pursue the passion.  Cowboys have the passion of horsemanship, roping and handling cattle.  This is why they will work hard at those things and love it, no matter the conditions, but bitch and moan about sitting in a air conditioned swather.  They don’t have the passion for cutting hay as Mark my supplier does.

Create passion and you create dedication and contentment in work.  This is what we must do to get our labor situation on the right track.  

Daughter Mesa has passion about cattle and horses.  Her boyfriend HD has passion for bucking bulls and I would say they are some of the best at getting the most out of a young bucking bull.  

Things are easy to work at and try to be good, if their is passion.  No passion and it’s just a job that makes you tired and bored.

Mesa sent me a podcast to listen too.  It is Derek Begay, a Navaho team roper that is one of the  best headers in the world.  I have been watching the skills of Native Americans with animals and roping, and they have special talents that I am in awe of.  The problem I see is some of them lack passion.  Maybe it’s to easy and they get bored. I don’t know.  I hope you will start listening to this podcast.  If you don’t like it you can stop listening.  It is a very different take on passion and goal setting.  I guarantee it’s not only about team roping, so don’t think if you don’t know about roping or care about rodeo you won’t benefit from it.

Take a listen:

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