As I wrote about the “Hi-Line” of Montana in the loop I threw last week, I thought it would be good to have a song about the Hi-Line.  Well Wylie has two songs with it in the tittle, and I really enjoy good polka music and a yodel thrown in even better, so this is my choice.

If I was home today, I would head for Harlowtown this evening for dinner and Dance  as they are having a fundraiser for the fairgrounds improvement and Wylie is playing.  You should go if your close, and I sure wish I could.

My Music highlight for the week happened last night.  Went to supper with friends Bill Dale and his companion Lisa in Old Town Sacramento and they had a Mariachi band.  They were good and we enjoyed it.



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  1. LESLIE Rob

    Hi Curt

    Great seeing you at Sacramento. Had to leave but have a couple of products I wanted you to try out so if you go to our booth they will give them to you. I can fill you in on what they are this week so you know what the heck they are or if you want to try them. If you haven’t time that is ok too. About 300 dollars worth.

    One is Flexadin UCII a unique joint supplement the other is a calming non sedative all natural product called Zylkene.

    Have a great rest of the show and safe travels. PS Really enjoyed your talk yesterday on taking wild horses from the wide open Spaces and putting them in a 12 foot stall I wondered why I responded to that like I did thanks for that.

    Sent from my I phone Rob Leslie Vetoquinol Product Manager Large Animal 817-357-9235

  2. Ed Magonigal

    It was great talking to you on Friday and watching you start the colt, wish I would of had time to make it back to watch the rest of your performance. I love your approach to your cattle handling and horsemanship it makes for good cattle to handle and helps to make a good cow horse.
    Thank you

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