Saturday song

We had this album when I was a kid.  I know every song and this was my favorite.

I don’t quite have 160 acres, but I have 40 and it is a great “little ranch”.  Thanks for all the encouragement to hang the sign.

Heres some of the things that make this the 40 acres in the valley that I love.

2 thoughts on “Saturday song

  1. Shelly Richtmyer

    Great song! I love your pictures and I can see why you love those 40 acres

  2. Kevin J Devine

    I liked this album before you were born! 🙂
    There’s no accounting for taste but it’s hard to beat “El Paso” and “Big Iron” for my money. Speaking of which, for years I thought the Arizona town in “Big Iron” was “Agua Fria” until one day I passed through Elfrida in Cochise County. The light came on…and that’s so rare for me.
    Love your place, too!

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