It was very much still winter in the North of Canada, with rapid snow melt and lots of mud every where, so this  Corb Lund song fits for this weeks music.

He also mentions Hutterites in a negative way, but in the video they are all friends.  I think it’s easy to criticize someone that is a little different than you are, so I feel sometimes people that don’t get to know the Hutterite culture may not understand it.

The ones I have been around would have been the first ones to help and would have have the manpower to get it done.

Hope you enjoy a really fun but dumb song.  Getting stuck may be one of the really difficult times to have a good attitude.

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  1. Nathan Bjorn

    Hahah, great post Curt! I have Hutterite neighbors just 5 miles away. They would have pulled me out for sure. Once my truck was un- stuck we would be heading to town for a case of beer to pay my tab! We have taken turns pulling each other out over the years… mighty neighbourly!

    Nathan Bjorn

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