Saturday music

I could of chose a real cowboy ethics song or “Honesty” by Billy Joel  to go with the discussions of the past week but I think we’ve had enough of that for a while.  You can dwell on that stuff and make a big deal out of it and it will get you down, or you can get over it by listening to a good song.

Music can do lots of things for us.  For me, It’s the whole package that gives me a little endorphin release that gives me pleasure, sort of like a horse cribbin or Pickens your nose, it just makes you feel good.

I really enjoy Junior Brown.  I like his voice and how he hangs onto words and then gets real deep with it,  the way he dresses, how he honors tradition, and his music playing talent.

Wife Tammy and I spent some time with a real nice young man this week in Big Timber, Montana and he had worked for the Montana Highway Patrol in the past and when we lived in Big Timber during the filming of the “Horse Wisperer” Tammy got a ticket for not obeying traffic law, so I think this is a great song for the Saturday Music.


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  1. Kevin J Devine

    And check out the next song on his playlist….”My Wife Thinks You’re Dead”. Love his sense of humor.

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