If A Hamley Saddle Could Talk

My Mother in Law, Shirley Clark received the “Lady of the West Award” at the Montana Pro Rodeo Wall and Hall and Wall of Fame banquet for all her work and contributions to the sport of rodeo. Well deserved as she has done more than lots of folks know, and I went and enjoyed it.

The first person I ran into as I walked in was Bill Smith. He is one of my real heroes. Three times world champion bronc rider, and he has really hooked onto the horsemanship that I admire. I always learn and get inspired when I visit with Bill.

A little later I visited with Marvin Joyce. Marvin used to help out at our high school rodeo practices and helped me on lots of broncs. He would get more nervous than I would. He went to the NFR several times and I believe won the average in 1972.

It was a very enjoyable evening of visits with lots of people I really enjoy seeing.

I listen to KGHL radio in the mornings, it’s in Billings, but I listen on the internet so I listen to it wherever I am. Nick Tyler is the morning man and his “AG in News Hour” is a good mix of news and music.

He plays quite a bit of Ian Tyson music, a cowboy singer that I really enjoy.
Not to long after the the big rodeo reunion party He played a Tyson song I hadn’t heard titled “Ambler Saddle”. It is a song about a “Hamley “ bronc saddle is telling the story, and it happened to be the one “Cody” Bill Smith won three world championships with. Incredible song.

I was visiting with my Father on the phone and told him I had seen Marvin Joyce. I didn’t know it, but the saddle that he won the saddle bronc championship with was a Hamley bronc saddle that had belonged to my Dad.

I rode a Hamley stock saddle many miles and my Son Rial has it now. The “Hamley” as we call it fits a horse and when you sit in it it just makes you feel like you should be there.

I can’t find the Ian Tyson version of the song on you tube, but I found a great version by Juni Fisher(I heard her singing at Hamleys in Pendleton). While searching I found the This “Jerry Ambler Memorial “ written by Paul Zarziski and preformed by Ian Tyson, so I hope you enjoy both songs and the story’s that go with them.

3 thoughts on “If A Hamley Saddle Could Talk

  1. Ken Jones

    thanks for connecting the dots here! This stuff is bound to be lost in history, but as long as it’s written, it can be found. Proud to have all of you guys in my circle of life!!!

    1. curtpate Post author


      There’s even more connection. The Millers and The other Nancy Jones and I had dinner last night and you were part of the many fun discussions.

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