I was visiting with my Mother on the telephone and she told me she saw me RFDTVsCattleman to Cattleman.  I looked it up and found some great clips from NCBA convention.  I am real proud of what we have done as a team, but a good team is a combination of individual talents working together to make a team.

The leader of our team is Chase DeCoite.  I have watched him improve his people skills over the last few years, and as you will see in this interview, he really shows his passion and intensity for Stockmanship and Stewardship, which is what our team is all about.

Next up, Todd McCartney and Dean Fish.  They are the backbone of our convention demos.  They are responsible for arena set up and design,  finding cattle and horses, deciding on schedule and topics to demonstrate, as well as production and MCing trade show demonstrations.

This year they took on another role at Cattlemans College, presenting on facility design and cattlehandling. We need to see them more as they have so much to offer.

Ron Gill, who I get to present with, was named the “BQA Presenter of the Year” here’s an example of his knowledge and skill as a presenter:

And here’s my little spot my Mother told me about.  I am real proud to be a part of this team, along with my wife Tammy adding to the team,and like I said, each member adds our part to make the team at Stockmanship and Stewardship.  Hope to get to visit with you at one of the events in 2018!