Going Native


I’ve had some things come together this year that I think will be helpful to get more out of your communication with animals.

As I wrote about earlier my watching the Ray Hunt Video that speaks about Tom Dorrance’s way around animals.

Several years ago I was at a rodeo school with my Son Rial, and we listened to Gary Leffew speak about “brain vibration frequency”. He claimed that by calming or slowing your mind down, a bull or horse would not fight the chute as bad. He said there was research proving the human energy can get a lot higher than animals, and it drives them crazy.

I spent quite a bit of time this week with Native American people at the Intertribal Agricultural Council. It got me to thinking about some of the Indian people I have worked with in my life. I think they stay calmer when dealing with things in life. Maybe we need to do a study on brain wave frequency comparing native Americans to Caucasian Americans.


Bill Lafromboise is a Native fella that I have been around most of my life. I remember how much he could get done. I’ve seen him walk an orphaned calf from the pasture to the corrals with no problem. He was real good in a corral and cattle stayed calm. I didn’t know what he was doing, but I knew he was different. He kept my vibrations up as he was always teasing me or giving me grief. If I asked him a question he would just grunt.

When I was rodeoing I would watch Native guys and they were always calm and didn’t even look like they new they were about to get on a bucker, then calmly climb on and spur the heck out of one. I really don’t remember them ever having much problems in the chute.

I’ve been around lots of real good Indian ropers, both horses and cattle. It seems so easy for them to coordinate the hand/eye and calmly put everything together with no panic. It seems like their mind is able to slow everything down and just make it so easy, and take us white folks money. I love watching how smooth everything seems with Native people when working with animals.

I think this is something we need to understand. We need to create the proper energy for the animals energy we are working with. I feel this is real critical for getting animals to relax and not be fearful around humans.

The habit so many of us have is to when things are not going the way we want we get exited and add energy. If our animals are not responding properly we might move faster, yell louder and get more aggressive. This results in more stress on the animals and the need for more expensive facilities to match the pressure we put out.

I think a way to look at this is driving a car. If you just stomp on the gas peddle and run full throttle it will be a dangerous and unsuccessful way to drive. You must keep the right amount of rpms with the engine to get the best use of the engine for driving the vehicle. Think of working with your energy with animals the same way. You need to always be changing the energy to fit the conditions. The way you apply and release pressure is very important to how animals work, and keep working for you. Learn to read the animal to understand how much is needed, and learn to be more effective in presenting it to the animal.

As I was people watching my Native hero’s, I got to thinking that maybe because of the lifestyle the people had and as they were more at one with nature because of being a part of it, that their vibrations are more like the animals they seem to get along with. When you go to the reservation or reserve life is very much different than in the white society. It’s much slower and the ego based lifestyle is not so present.


This creates some real problems. We are trying to get them to fit into the high energy (vibration) society, and at first it caused them to fight the chute (reservation). But if a horse or a bull fights the chute for to long and the pressure doesn’t come off, they quit fighting and give up.

I think we need to really face up to reality.

Obesity is a real problem. When you are low energy and eat a real high sugar diet, you are going to get problems. I think we need to match the diet to the lifestyle and we need a Native American diet that is different to match up to their specific needs. Meat and berries on the plains?

Drugs and alcoholism is another problem. I feel everyone has certain addictions.
We should try to create positive addictions with animal interaction with production agriculture that will match the society, and creating addictions to creating positive things from ancient customs or modern gadgets. Use the proper energy that fits the lifestyle that creates something someone else needs.


Pride is such an important thing. We need to find the things they can do that brings the pride back to a very proud people.

I really hope we can figure this out. We need to help each other and learn from each other to make it better for all of us.

I am going to keep watching and learning from my Native mentors on how to match my pressure to what animals and people need. I really want to thank them for that.

3 thoughts on “Going Native

  1. T Kyle Swicegood

    Great article Curt; especially the application to ourselves as humans. I’ve always said; sometimes you have to slow down to speed up! That goes against our human nature. But things done right usually do seem upside down. The “first shall be last, and the last shall be first”.

  2. Ken jones

    I’ve always said, Horses are hyper energy readers, they feel like eagles see, if we understand that it’s easier to know why you need to control your own energy!

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