A Lot of old Bulls

While I was finishing up writing yesterday I was listening to pandora and the “Tom Russell Chanel”, which I do a lot.  Really great music that fits what I like to listen to.

The “Front Porch Song” came on and I thought it really fit what I was talking about.

It’s  a long song,  but its really worth the time to listen to.

So the scoop loop was all about the Jack Voyette’s and the people that help them run them skinny old cows, and that Hereford bull who’s work is never done.

I don’t care if people use or don’t use implants, but getting the work that’s never done, done.

Its a great Sunday morning song any way.  Hope you enjoy it and find a little humor in it.




2 thoughts on “A Lot of old Bulls

  1. Burton Rex Buchman

    THanks for a great Sunday morning Song~!~ Have to send you a picture of the porch of the Stonehorse Bed and Breakfast. Looking forward to the dream ride in a couple weeks ~!~ Rex Buchman

    1. curtpate Post author


      I wish I could come, but I overbooked and can’t make it. Hope things are good as they always are in Gods country. We will have to have a cup on the porch someday!

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