Global Food Systems

I think this is a very important subject we need to address honestly.  I don’t know if you will agree with the answers, but I feel the questions are real important for all of us to ask.  I see a real increase for animal manure demand for soil heath, weather in a Confined animal feeding system or from animals grazing.  I wish I could go and listen.  We need to look at this in an honest way and keep emotion out of it.  Our future defends on it.  Hope you take the time to read it and share your thoughts.

1 thought on “Global Food Systems

  1. dennisranch

    Sounds like a lot of pap from someone who is making money or going to make money by changing the system.. we have proven that by putting more cattle on the land and rotating them properly we can improve the land.. I don’t think he is quoting valid statistics.. I do not believe we will need twice as much food in 35 year.. if we do, we will produce it, we always have.. I disagree that half of the work force is illegals.. and if we really are wasting half the food we produce, explain why and how.. no… he and people like him need to be debunked by smarty savvy people who can quote exact competent statistics..

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