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Finishing my trip that started in Wisconsin then California, then North Dakota, then Nebraska. Good trip with lots of people with lots of cattle presented too. I also heard lots of speakers.

When I read or listen to some people in the private world, that are trying to sell you something they have, often times they criticize Extension folks and corporate representatives, and condescendingly call them “the smart people”. This is their right and may be what they need to do to get the thing they are selling sold, but I think sometimes they are only looking at it from their own point of view, and are not fair to the people that are giving so much to agriculture.

The extension and corporate reps I have dealt with have been great and doing the best they can to help producers do a better job. Are they experts on every part of it? No, but they sure cover the basics and it’s up to us to figure out what to do with it. They give us the idea, we have to expand on it.

The state BQA coordinators that I have gotten to work with are just great. They have taken it to the next level using technology and common sense. Our industry is so much better because of them. The consumer is so much better off because of them(and they don’t even know it), and the animals we are in care of have benefited greatly.



I have worked with lots of these folks over the past 10 years, as well as many businesses representatives and have really learned so much from their knowledge.  Rob, Lisa, Gant, Libby, Travis, Jill, Tracy, Ashley, Marcy, Phil, Jerry are just a few names that pop into my head of some I have worked with, that should be very proud of what they are doing. So much to do, so little time and money to do it with.

I have been presenting with Ron Gill for lots of years now. I don’t understand how a person can have the time to get as much knowledge in ones head and practical experience as Ron has. He knows a lot about a lot. He has dedicated himself to educating producers in what he believes in. He is the most common sense, education and science based, with real strong morals, smart guy I know. On top of that he is lots of fun and makes life better for animals and people he comes in contact with. I have truly enjoyed all the time we have spent learning from each other, and sharing knowledge with the folks we get to present too.



So to all you “Smart People” who are unselfishly giving us your all, thank you for what you are doing. Don’t get discouraged by people that aren’t quite as smart as they think.


3 thoughts on “Smart People

  1. sexsonranch

    Curt, I read darn near everyone of your updates. Probably the very first thing I noticed about you when I saw you for the first time was your respect for all things and positive attitude. I really appreciate that. I think that attitude is what seperate specialist from great specialist. We are blessed here in Nebraska with some tremendous extension and University people. The folks that stand out, listen to producers and work together with the people that are in the trenches. As you know it can be a fine line, agricultural people don’t like to be talked down to, they like to be visited with. We may not all understand the correct terminology for things, but if you just have a conversation we’ll get on the same page. Treating everyone with respect and as a peer is a great start to a good relationship.
    Thank you for posting these weekly updates!

    Ryan Sexson
    Nenzel, Nebraska

  2. Ty springer

    Ask Ron if he knew Dick hart from Snyder Texas?

    Dick changed me from being rough to patient with a horse

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