Hawaii day 12

Well this is it.  I’m at the airport headed for Texas.  Tammy and I had a nice supper and she dropped me off at airport.

We did a lot of reflecting on the past 12 days today.  It has been the most rewarding hardest work we have done since last time.  It feels good to be plum wore out at the end of the day from doing real work, not from talking or flying on a plane.

There have been some changes since the last time we were here. I saw some real nice upgrades on facilities that really improved the availability of feed and water for these newly weaned calves.  I really missed a couple of guys that are no longer on the crew, but their life is going on as well as the ranch is surviving without them.  I was very surprised at how good the calves weaned and how much change the guys had made in their behavior.  I learned that my style of horsemanship might not work for Parker Ranch horses and the way they ride.  I understand and even though I won’t change the way I work horses, I have no hard feelings.  We tried and it didn’t work very well.

I made some mistakes along the way.  I am really seeing the challenges of dealing with big crews and boss’s.  I really believe that everything in life is about pressure, and we need to learn driving pressure, drawing pressure and maintaining pressure. This may be more important to get good at with people than animals.

If you try to drive Stockmanship before someone is ready for the pressure, it just doesn’t seem to work.  I feel the first step is to draw people to an idea, get them hooked on, and then you can use the proper amount of driving pressure, then develop the curiosity to maintain the draw.

For me I have my own style to try to do this.  I just don’t think it works to shove it down someone’s throat.  The mistake I made is using the wrong pressure on some people, but that’s how you learn.  Most of them put up with me and we learned from each other.  The other thing that is important before you start is to make sure everyone in charge wants what you are going to try to do.

I visited a horse operation today, and the crew there didn’t agree with some of the bosses ideas, and when the boss was away they did what they thought was right.

This is why I feel it’s important to make sure you draw the change, and make sure it works for everyone, or you will have discontent and you won’t get the buy in you need to make it work.

I have been watching people for years that get real interested in a certain horseman and the style of horsemanship they present.  They are “drawn” to it until they will drive you crazy.  Folks that are followers of Bud Williams are the same way.  It is like a religion.  The folks that decide it is good and are passionate about it want to get everything they can learn.

Other people feel we are crazy and don’t believe in the horsemanship or Stockmanship that some are so passionate about.  I think it is important to be able to show why it is a good thing and have the skills when showing it to make sure it works and make some kind of sense.

So to everyone at Parker Ranch, a big thank you for all the hospitality and effort you put out to make us feel so welcome.  Tammy and I love the culture, the food, the people, the animals and the land in Hawaii.

I hope those of you from other parts of the world enjoyed our little glimpse of our life for a few weeks on this great ranch.

Ill leave you with this you tube video as a tribute to the Poniolo culture.