Day 2 Hawaii

Started the morning checking heifers we worked yesterday.  Worked with them in The moonlight.

Processed steers today and had some different guys on the crew.  It changed the way we worked, and I think we were a little faster today, but more important less turned around calves in the chute, so the calves had a much better first experience through the chute.

I went back to “Dairy Fence” and we worked with the heifers.  The steers were pretty settled and I figured they had enough for one day.

We will try to get them out on grass as soon as we can, so I want to have them where they will drive without panic movement and what I call hook them on and stop their feet.  This allows the handler to slow and stop the feet.  When you can stop their feet it allows their mind to think about putting their head down and eating.

This set of calves is really different than the calves I saw last year.  The guys are really making a difference in how these calves respond.