The Fires


The fires are out, but the effects are still effecting everyone involved, and that should be all of us. If you were hit by the disaster it is a very difficult challenge to overcome, and a time when you must do whatever you can to care for the animals under your responsibility.

If you were not in the disaster, you can make a real positive for you out of a real negative affecting others. This is by doing the thing that will give you more satisfaction than anything I know and that’s helping others in need. There are many ways to donate, and I hope you will take time to figure out what would be the best for you to do.

Every time I see one of these disasters, it is just amazing how people pull together and help each other. In agriculture we are so vulnerable to Mother Nature and her brutal ways, and in many ways it’s impossible to prepare for the power she has with fire, storms, and floods.

The number one priority is to figure out how we can help. I don’t get in to big of a hurry. Any time you have a big situation people jump in and help, and many times all the help comes at the very critical beginning, but then when the dust settles there is still big needs, and that can at times be when the real help is needed. Get everyone safe and fed and watered is the first priority, but now it can be sorted out to how best go about it and help those that need the most help.

Ken Jones has been a friend for a long time. His Fathers ranch burned up when fires devastated the Big Timber, Montana area several years ago. It took out all his fences.
A group of Mennonite people came in and brought supply’s and rebuilt fences for him. If my memory serves me correctly, they did all this as a gift and a way to give back for all the blessing they had in there life. It really was a help when it was needed.

This is what I’m talking about. There will be animals that are effected in ways that will show up later, fences that need rebuilt, and other effects that don’t show up right away. Let’s keep our eye on it and see what we can do.

This is also a great reminder to be prepared. You can’t prepare physically for many of the things Mother Nature throws at us, but you can have money in the bank, and prepare ahead.
We should let this be a reminder that we are going to have tough times and disaster. How well we have prepared makes it possible to help ourselves, and others. I think we forget how important this is in life, and all this stuff we think we need is not near as important as the feeling of safety and peace of mind of being prepared.

The people that produce food for the world are becoming more important than ever. As the population increases it becomes more important. It seems like disasters are more frequent these days. As technology increases it seams like challenges increase. We need to look at what successful people in the past did. From what I see they were frugal and always prepared ahead.

So let’s give what we can. Maybe we need to take a week and go build fence. I think there is need for clothes, tack, tools, and who knows what else.

They need help, but I think you need to help. It will give you more back than you give away.

One more thing.

People died trying to save animals. To me, when someone sacrificed there life to save another living things life that is the ultimate. I think these people are the same as the heroes that are in the military. We need the military so we can keep our country safe. We need food to keep our country safe. To give your life for either is just the ultimate sacrifice, and should be honored.

3 thoughts on “The Fires

  1. Pat Mallon

    One other thing for preparation. I’ll never forget what Jack Field said after the Washington Fires, “Make sure you have Very good Insurance”

  2. Todd McCartney

    All good thoughts here, Curt. Very good, indeed.
    And, I’ll confess, with the magnitude of the disaster, I couldn’t help but have the feeling of “what could I possibly do for someone who just lost EVERTHING? Where do you possibly start to help?”
    But eventually I remembered the words of St. Mother Theresa who said, “If you can’t feed 100 people, that’s OK, go feed one.” (Or something like that.)
    How true.
    Thanks Curt for reminding us all to look for ways to help our fellow man.

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