Chewing your Cud

Maintaining pressure with people.

Wrangler asked me to present to the Young Leaders at the national FFA convention a few years back, which was a big deal for me, and I talked about using feel, timing, and balance in life.

I’ve been thinking of how it would be helpful for people to understand the three pressures, drive, draw, and maintaining pressure not only in handling livestock, but also in handling people.

When I was doing lots of horse expos, Crystal Lyons was doing lots of the church services, and it was very interesting to me to see people that were from all different walks of life and religions, and how Crystal could draw them in and maintain there interest, in a very unorthodox way. She would be horseback, sing, laugh, cry, get bucked off,
use the finest hick language (ain’t and ah shucks) and keep us all totally tuned in (maintaining)
While driving her message to us with just the right pressure for the mix mash of people attending. She was so good at drawing us in, maintaining our minds and driving her message to us with a pressure that fit everyone.

Cowboy church has grown in popularity in amazing amounts in the last ten years. We moved to Hubbard Texas a few years back, and went to Hubbard Cowboy Church. I wouldn’t really classify it as strictly a cowboy church, but a country church, because lots of the folks didn’t rodeo or ranch, but they were country.

Butch Boatright is the Pastor. He is a master of the draw, maintain, and drive. I watched how in that old dirt floor church, he could stand up there and let us have it, with a pressure that we didn’t even know he was letting us have it, then suggest a solution to head us in the direction we needed to go. Butch used the draw, drive, and maintain to spread the word. Pretty good for a welder turned preacher.

We were just at the NCBA trade show. There are hundreds of booths trying to sell you something. With that much competition, they must draw someone passing by in, then maintain their mind long enough to drive home the sale. You can see all different kinds of pressure. Some are way to aggressive for me and I blow right by them. Some are on their cell phone or computer and I walk right by, and the ones that fit my pressure make eye contact and invite me in with body posture. This is the draw or hooking me on. They better have a good way to maintain my mind or I am moving on. For me if they try to drive the sale to hard, I can’t take the pressure and will leave just like a breachy old cow. For me I need to be drawn, maintained, and I don’t like to be pushed, so very little drive. Other people are different and a good salesman reads that pressure, just like a good stockman reads livestock. It’s a feel and if you want to see a master at it watch Trent Johnson from Greeley Hat Works.

What about marriage? To be successful and last you need to learn to draw your partner to you to maintain your marriage. If you use to much driving pressure ( I’m very good at that) you must then change to a draw to get back maintaining a good relationship (I’m getting better at this because of lots of practice). If your not content, you need to change your pressure (easiest) or change your partners pressure (very difficult). If you can’t change the pressure to match, it’s going to be a challenge to get the most out of the relationship.

We could go on and on with the examples from raising children, teaching school, to managing a large corporation. It’s all about effective pressure. It has to change to fit the situation. When you understand this it will help you to create a life that fits your kind of pressure.
I hope these examples get your mind to working on how you can use effective pressure not only working livestock but in all things in life. Combine ” feel, timing, and balance” with draw, maintain, and driving pressure and you may end up being as content as an old cow in good feed on a warm sunny day chewing her cud. What could be better?

2 thoughts on “Chewing your Cud

  1. Debbie

    Amen! As a business person it’s a daily mantra dealing with customers,vendors and other people in our lives on a consumer level and of course the family and friend level..always something to learn and teach!

  2. Laure Dei

    Oh please help me with this. I need to learn effective pressure-right now. With people. I am in a very frustrating spot…do I continue to push or do I leave a certain situation alone. Today, was a day to push. Of course, this is dealing with our county’s Livestock Sale Committee, of which I have been involved with for years. And many new rule changes for the county fair. What to do, what to do. This is taking all my good energy away.

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